Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating, is nothing new. The Romans used it thousands of years ago to heat their villas. It does however offer a new and high tech solution to todays problems of rising energy costs.
There are no radiators. Radiators heat the air around them and allow that heat to rise to the ceiling where it then sinks to the floor. Underfloor heating heats the floor at a lower temperature and so heats the room in more effective and gentle manner. This results in a more consistent heat throughout the property.
Underfloor heating is much slower than conventional systems and so is usually left on all the time. Because it is a slow heating system, the property does have to be well insulated to avoid the heat escaping. It is possible to retrofit underfloor heating, it is best install as a new build.
It is possible to have either electric or hot water systems but hot water systems are the more usual and efficient. They both really need to be installed by a competent professional and are not suitable for DiY installation. Underfloor heating systems work best when combined with air or ground source heat pumps. They can however work with conventional boilers at lower temperatures.