Energy/Battery Storage

Energy storage has been the Holy Grail of energy production for a long time. It seems now though that a solution to a crisis that has been facing every energy company in the world has been found.

Part of the problem has been that in the past, energy production was very simple. Energy companies produced the power, sent it along the power lines and the consumer used it. They could even make very accurate guesstimates as to how much would be require at what time. Now, the situation is completely different. Power is needed at all sorts of times of the day; and now people are producing renewable energy at all sorts of times and putting it into the network in various locations, at different amounts, and different times. This means that the network, instead of being a nice steady stream, is a roaring torrent and all over the place. This produces a problem called Reactive Power and phase imbalances.

The solution to many of these problems was the invention of a new type of inverter that could handle all of these different types of power demands and calm down the local network by absorbing the reactive power and balancing the phases.

Once this inverter had been developed, it enabled almost any amount of power to be stored and used on-site as a synthetic Grid for the property where the power was produced, whilst still being connected to the Grid to export any excess power or to draw power if the renewable energy was not available. This meant that companies and farmers could eliminate all of their electricity bill and store ALL of the power that they produce and use it when they need it.

The system can work in either single or 3 phase. In 3 phase systems it, has dynamic phase balancing. This takes the power from the higher phase and balances it with the lower phase until the system is balanced.

It can regulate the voltage in conjunction with the network to approved limits. Voltage control can even be controlled remotely with the 3G network. The AC voltage and power limits can be set and controlled and changed at will. The battery system can absorb or export power as required to control voltage rises or falls.

When used in conjunction with a renewable energy system, it has the ability to store the energy for use at a later time or to avoid peak demand problems. Export values can be set to any limit and avoid expensive Grid upgrades. It can even be set as a G83/2 certified export.

Now it’s possible to store all the energy produced from any size of renewable energy systems and use it when renewable power isn’t available. In addition, because of the revolutionary design, it means that locations that previously couldn’t previously or economically be connected to the Grid can now be connected. This means that companies could save millions of pounds by creating their own free power and taking advantage of the Government’s Feed in Tariffs to pay for the installation.

Because of this, in areas where the network has been weak, it can now be strengthened by the installation of the system. Now, any sized of renewable energy system can be connected to the Grid without the need for expensive upgrades to the network.

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